Good vs Bad Web Design

All web sites are equal! ... ummmm no!

Web sites can be sink holes to money and you need to see a return for your investment. Even a static one page web site that purely gives you a presence online needs to work for you and that's where good web design comes in.

Bad websites;

  • Takes too long to load
  • Hard to navigate
  • Unclear communication
  • Key information hard to find
  • Language too vague
  • Doesn’t work on Mobile devices
  • Can’t be found on search engines
.... the list goes on …

Good websites;

  • Loads quickly
  • Clear navigation
  • Intuitive
  • The copy is user focused
  • All key information is easily accessible
  • Mobile device ready
  • Visible on search engines
.... the list goes on ...

Getting a cheap website seems like a good idea at the time, but then when your customers don't come and you seem to be spending loads of dollars on a failing marketing plan, you will end up redesigning your website (sometimes over and over again) at great expense and still no improvement.

Talk to your web designer up front about your outcomes so that the right website can be designed to suit your needs. And they should also give you some pointers towards your total package of online brand development.


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