We hope everyone is taking care and remaining in their bubble. Here in NZ we are lockdown at alert level 4 for 4 weeks. We all need to remain at home within our bubbles and only have access to essential services, supermarkets, doctors, pharmacies etc. 

These times will have a great impact on all businesses, even those that can work from home will struggle. Spend the time as best you can still engaging with your customers via posts or blogs, updates on your situation, provide free info about your products, recipes if you're a food provider/cafe, maintenance tips or info to help people pass the time. 

Fortunately we can work from home, so if you have any need for a website, website maintenance, social media assistance or advice, hit us up. No charge for advice and our 20% deal remains in place for the duration of the lockdown and applies to our Social Media packages. We are also happy to negotiate our packages and look into payment plans.

Stay safe.


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