YOU NEED AN APP! No you don't!

So as we head out of lockdown level 4 thanks to the Covid-19 Corona Virus and into level 3 many retail businesses are running around like headless chooks trying to get online to be able to sell contactless via delivery or takeaway. And the way to do that is via an APP!

Well no! You do not need an App. If you already have a website or realise you need one, be sure it is mobile ready and you have your store set up well with great SEO and you don't also need to spend extra on an App.

The App is just another way to get your customers to place and pay for their orders. If you have your website set up properly they can do it directly on your website.

Most Apps cost money to make (just like your website) plus a lot have ongoing monthly fees and % of sales fees attached. These will be on top of your regular website hosting fees.

Get your website right and you do not need an App.

However in saying that if your budget permits then an App is certainly a great complimentary thing to help push your product to your customers.


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