I’ve recently been involved in a number of website re builds and domain name/email sorting's due to a rogue Web Designer. This is one of those Web Designers that take control of the domain name and website and end up holding the customer hostage, forcing the customer to put every little change or update through the designers business and then get charged accordingly. This shows a major lack of integrity!

For some things, especially the technical things, then yes you should use your designer to make the change, but for simple updates, blog posts etc, the website owner (the customer) must be able to complete this them selves.

My guarantee to my clients is simple. I work for you to get your business online.

Your domain name, your website, your business, your profile, my expertise.

My aim is to help my clients get their business online. I will help complete everything needed, from Domain Name registration, email set up, web design and go live set up, social media set up and management and training so they can manage their online profile themselves. It’s really up to the client to decide what I do.

I offer after care service at reasonable rates and work hard to ensure that my customers experience to get online and stay online, is the best experience they can have.

If I break it, I fix it. If you are not happy, I will work hard to get it right and if all else fails I offer a money back guarantee (conditions apply of course).

At the end of the day, my job is to get you online, beyond that it’s up to you to manage your business. I do not want to own your domain name, website, email or social media. I want to work with you and help you maintain your online business and presence. 

I believe I have the integrity, you as a customer, are looking for.



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