Yes you need a website!

Three key things that make having a website for your business important.

  • Credibility
  • Ownership
  • Google loves a story!

A website is one of the things in this day and age that gives your business credibility.  More and more people are transacting online and your website is yours to tell your story. Over 80% of people will research online before making a purchase of goods or services.
By driving them to your website where you get to tell your story and engage customers how you want to, it helps them build the online relationship with your business and brand.

You own your website. When relying solely on Social Media platforms owned by others you are at their mercy as what they show people, what they want people to see as current and on trend and how dictate your customers get to engage. Because you own your website, you can dictate how that all happens.
By all means you must use SM to drive customers to your website, but the key is to drive them to your website and help them engage with your business there, under your terms and how you want them to.

Google Loves a Story
Google loves great content. By having your own website where you can keep relevant and up to date content, google will find this during its crawl and present your website higher up the rankings in search results.
Great SEO and keywords, great content and targeted content will help make sure your website is found by those searching for your products and services.


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