• 30+ years business experience
  • specialise in process and the grey areas
  • creative
  • photographer
  • logical
  • practical
  • i get stuff


  • lack of web design experience
  • learning lots of stuff in short time
  • swapping between logical and creative brainispheres!
  • in a hurry to get to the finish line
  • dealing with customers
  • remembering to invoice and chase money :)


  • post Covid-19 e-commerce
  • defeat Shopify & likes
  • great platform to work from - Rocketspark
  • integrate my experience into the design process - concept to completion
  • working with RS partners
  • pushing the RS brand
  • ability to work remotely (anywhere)
  • freelance/my time/work when I want to


  • Shopify & likes
  • lack of web design experience
  • getting pricing wrong
  • trying to take on too much
  • competitors
  • other RS partners
  • beign offered a really good supply chain project role (big money temptation?

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