User Experience & User Interface Testing

You've all seen this!

Architect design's what looks nice, great aesthetics and logically sound. But User experience shows that humans always aim for the point of least resistance.

Developers, Designers and even Engineers will always design based on their principals of design, what fits mathematically, what seems logical to them. But few take into account the Human Condition.

If humans see a space, we fill it with stuff, we hate to see unfilled space. If we can find a quicker, easier way to do something, we put our effort into that, rather than just following the path in front of us.

It's not all bad, this User Experience re-engineering can help dictate design of the future.

Usability Engineer

What is this?

That's what we are. We are practical people who you review your designs so you can build or engineer customer usability into your design.

We use our Grey Matter Interface (brain) to look at things from a practical, logical, human perspective. Something the AI Robot's can't do ...yet!

What we do?

We provide User Experience and User Interface testing for pretty much anything, New Product, New Store Layout, Web Design, Software, Apps, System Implementation, Processes and Physical designs.

We can test remotely or onsite and will give you a good honest overview of the good and bad of your design. We will also give you some ideas and options on how to improve.


Our base charge out rate is $100 /hr plus GST. 

We are negotiable depending on the project and amount of work involved.

Rest assured we are quick. We can get a lot of testing done in a short amount of time! And we actually physically do the testing, we don't just use a piece of AI or and APP or Software package, we actually test what you want tested!

Get in touch to see how we can help.

Why hire Dean from t h e 6 .7?

I have over 30 years working in process and systems in supply chain functions, being project manager and business analyst for many ERP and System implementations.

Process design, staff training and system implementations have filled a fair chunk of my career and I am well suited to help designer's understand the human condition around user experience.

You can read more about me at 


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